Rimtex Spinning Can Innovations at India ITME 2022

At India ITME 2022 Rimtex is set to unveil new products that will lead the developments in the spinning industry in 2023 and beyond. 

India ITME 2022 is a momentous occasion for the entire industry, and Rimtex Sliver Management Systems is set to make the most of it. Staying true to their pioneering leadership in manufacturing spinning cans and spinning components, Rimtex is gearing up to showcase a series of product updates as well as organise the India launch of their new international line-up at the upcoming India ITME 2022 in Noida. The world is witnessing massive changes in global consumer behaviour, so it is only imperative that the textile industry backed by the spinning mills orient itself to the needs of the contemporary market demands. Rimtex, with its basket of innovations, is well-positioned to aid spinners to step into the realm of spinning mill 4.0.

Here’s what you can expect at the Rimtex Sliver Management Systems showcase at the upcoming India ITME 2022:

  • Unveiling of a new range of Material Movement Vehicles engineered for the Textile industry
  • Patented Spinning Can technology that is helping spinners gain increased sliver loading capacity
  • Spinning Can innovation which augments the value realised by the spinner to as much as 25%
  • Wizcan (Patented) – the new intelligent sliver management system that completes the process control automation in the yarn preparatory segment.

The Rimtex group’s impact

The year 2021 and the first part of 2022 have been good for the global spinning industry. However, currently, the industry is facing a few challenges like rising input costs and inconsistent demand owing to hostile international environment. We at Rimtex approach our innovations and product developments to provide tools that empower the spinning industry to tackle myriad challenges. Spinners around the globe are sending us their positive feedback regarding Spinning Cans – Rimtex Duo Spinning Can and Rimtex Sumo Spinning Cans. The company is delighted to sustain the high level of trust of spinners in Rimtex. Rimtex Sliver Cans serves the spinning market of over 57 countries across the globe.

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Sowing the seeds of Spinning Mill 4.0 with Intelligent Sliver Management – Wizcan by Rimtex

Wizcan is an intelligent sliver management system which completes the process control automation in the yarn preparatory segment. Many international spinners who have seen the demo are forthright to mention that ‘Wizcan reimagines the role of a sliver management system and takes a giant leap forward into the realm of Industry 4.0.’ Rimtex is excited about this new step, this will bring an unprecedented change in the way spinning mills operate in India, shifting the set benchmarks of efficient operations. After the thunderous international launch, the company will be launching the trend-setting Wizcan to Indian markets.

Mr Gaurav Parmar, joint MD of the Rimtex Group explains, “Rimtex has always been at the forefront of the evolution of the spun fibre, we are glad that the industry looks up to us for solutions to emerging global needs. This time around we are coming up with innovations and updates across our entire spectrum of product range, all of it focussed to empower spinner to become future-ready. We are excited to welcome you to our stand at India ITME

Rimtex is committed to provide the spinning mills with technology that will help them enhance the value of yarn and improve the efficiency of textile spinning machines.

About India ITME 2022 Exhibition.

In the Year 2022, the India ITME Society will exhibit its 11th edition of the India ITME event, from the date 8th to 13th of December 2022.

The ITME 2022 will be held in Noida, India. Full address of India ITME 2022 Exhibition place: India Exposition Mart Ltd, Knowledge Park II, Greater Noida, India.

Anyone interested in the textile industry can visit. Entry is open for registration. Find below important links –
For Visitor Registration: https://itme2022.india-itme.com/Forvisitor/registration

For further information visit the official website of India ITME 2022: https://itme2022.india-itme.com