Since over 25 years, Rimtex has consistently provided the Textile Industry with innovations to overcome process challenges. Equipped with – in-depth knowledge of the yarn making process coupled with breakthrough technology – Rimtex today successfully caters to the needs of Spinners, spread across 57 countries of the globe.

Rimtex is among the most reputed companies from India in the Textile Machinery manufacturing segment, which has successfully carved a niche in Sliver Can manufacturing.


Rimtex, through its technology and dependable delivery have generated several positive market influences. Significant among many is, raising the awareness and acceptance of ndian origin engineering products and inculcating trust among global buyers towards Indian manufacturing. This wider orientation has propelled Rimtex to become the largest Spinning Can manufacturing company in the world.

Within Rimtex the penchant for excellence has led to complete in-house manufacturing of all major components that affect the final quality of the Spinning Can. This is a huge advantage for Rimtex that puts it far ahead in the league of quality.

Combed, Carded or Polyester – Better Yarn demands Better Sliver, Better Sliver demands Better Sliver Handling, Better Sliver Handling demands Correct Sliver Handling System.

The Rimtex Advantage

Better quality sliver requires correct sliver management system, at Rimtex the entire manufacturing process is oriented to be consistent on every variable that contributes to final sliver quality. Over years Rimtex has created abilities to deliver the best.

In-house manufacturing capacity for entire product range

Incomparable global presence and unmatchable trust of users

Focused RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT (R & D) has led to development of ‘patent designs’ – first by any Spinning Can manufacturing company in the world.

Trending innovations

Commitment for manufacturing ‘Only the Best’ is reflected in groups logo of ‘Lets Promote Quality’ tags

key product benefits

  • Durability
  • Consistent performance
  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Compatibility
  • Easy to apply solutions
  • Zero tilting springs – Uniform movement
  • Strength
  • Globally Renowned Design
  • Seamless & Smooth cylinder body ensures prevention of sliver damage

Time-Line of Innovations by RIMTEX

Handling Sliver Since 1992
  • Rimtex becomes The first manufacturer Of ‘Rivetless Cans’ in india

  • Starts in-house manufacturing All components Of spinning can

  • Introduction of ASH A first in the industry To have a ‘patent design’ sliver Can

  • Introduction of Rope Dyeing Cans

  • Introduction of another Patented design UCC- Utility Combination Can, a break through innovation for the spinning industry.

    Becomes the first company from Asia to introduce specialised 1200 x 1200 mm SUMO Cans to match with new card Machine of Trutzschler

  • Introduction of TANGO, a new Range of Motorised Intra- Facility Vehicles

  • Introduction of DUO, new generation Spinning cans for new Generation of spinning Machines

  • RIMTEX ushers a New Era in Spinning by introducing the Concept of ‘ intelligent sliver Management’ WIZCAN is launched


The Rimtex Group of industries is among the foremost manufacturers in the world serving needs of Textile and allied industries. The group has a firm footing in innovation and excellence which makes them a leader with a wide global reach in over 50 countries. The group has a collective experience of over 6 decades in the manufacturing sector.