ASH Spinning Can by Rimtex : One Solution to Many Problems

Better Yarn demands better sliver, better sliver demands Customised Spinning Cans. During the Yarn making process, spinners face multiple problems, which affect the final output of Yarn.

Problems Faced by Spinners During Yarn Making Process :

  • Sliver Deflection : Sliver lifting with 500 gram deflection, sliver below Top Ring of can by 6 to 7 inch
  • Sliver Stretching : 2 – 3 inch Tilting, Sliver Stretch with Spinning Can Body
  • Sliver Breakage : During Sliver unwinding process, breakage in simplex grill and Sliver thick & thin problem
  • Breakage in simplex grill, Sliver Wastage and Sliver Damage
  • Improper Sliver coiling due to Spinning Can ovality, damages first layer of sliver
  • Sliver accumulation at D/F machine Top Roll area, leads to increased machine stoppages.
  • Regular Spring and Top plate will not be at center of the Spinning Can. Will not maintain equal gap between Top Plate and Top Ring.
  • Regular Castors in Spinning Cans create jamming problem, requires manpower for cleaning

Rimtex ASH – Assured Sliver Handling is a patented spinning can technology that answers all the above problems. For the first time in spinning industry a Spinning Can with patented technology is introduced. Rimtex ASH spinning can, assured top of the line quality in Sliver Handling system and retains maximum sliver properties. It is designed to restrict fibre migration and other imperfections, generated during Sliver Handling. The sliver collection and discharging is executed most sensitively, maintaining total stability.

All of the above makes ASH Spinning Can by Rimtex the most sophisticated sliver handling system in the global market. here