The Best Solution for Every Spinner

Spinning is a complex process. A good quality fabric is dependent on good quality yarn, which in turn is dependent on good quality sliver. This puts the Sliver Handling System at the centre of quality achieving matrix. Rimtex has committed itself to this important aspect of ‘handling sliver’, and continuously innovated to provide technological innovations to suit the changing needs of spinners since last 25 years.

Here we state 5 reasons why Rimtex Sliver Cans are the best solution for every Spinner across the globe :

  1. Rimtex Sliver Cans maintain its shape and roundness throughout its service life. This quality ensures absence of hairiness and yarn breakage, which is important for the end result.
  2. Rivetless, Seamless & Smooth Surface of Rimtex Sliver Cans adds sensitivity to handling of sliver and saves it from any potential damage during the process of spinning.
  3. Strength to withstand machine pressure and impact when in operation and while sliver is being transported. Rimtex Sliver Cans are strong and sturdy enough to absorb such impacts and it saves sliver from any damages.
  4. Durability of 7-8 years. Rimtex Spinning Cans are made from the best of materials that ensure its quality retention ability for the entire lifetime of the can.
  5. Correct Design of collecting sliver which ensures perfect settling of layers of sliver generating a firm base to rest of the sliver doff.

Best Solution for Every Spinner

For every spinner it is of utmost importance to deliver the best quality yarn to their clients. The process of making good quality yarn is not just limited to high tech spinning machines, it depends heavily on the sliver handling system. It is due to Rimtex constant innovation and consistent delivery that spinners across the globe have accepted it to the best solution for high quality spinnning.