Rimtex Trolleys helps you stay organised

Rimtex manufactures multifunctional trolleys that has diverse
applications in Textile Industry. Rimtex has deep understanding of material
handling which gives it an edge over other manufacturers of similar trolleys.
These trolleys also have utility in Pharmaceuticals as well as Automobile

In Yarn manufacturing facility, storage and transportation of goods in process
and finished goods is of great significance. Imperfect handling at this stage
can hugely affect the quality of final output. Below are some of the key
functions for which Rimtex provides HDPE Trolleys, they are :

  • Transfer material from Speed Frame to Ring Frame
  • From Ring Frame to Auto Coner
  • From Auto Coner to YCP
  • From YCP to Packing

The Trolleys are made in a way to prevent any damage to Yarns during these
movements. Most of the Textile Mills do not have any automation in material
handling. In this cases Intra-Facility material handling takes up greater
importance. A lot of wastage of material and labour occurs to carry out this
function. Rimtex has created solutions to help mills become efficient with
their existing machines. Rimtex has developed Auto Coner attachment trolley
that can be adjusted to machines by Savio, Schalfhorst and Muratec machines.
The key advantage of it is :

  • Minimum hand touch to yarn
  • Can be directly used in Auto-Doffing Ring Frame to Winding
  • Increases Efficiency of Worker due to spring system
  • With capacity of 1800 bobbins, Rimtex Auto Doffing Trolley saves a lot in labour cost

Apart from this, Rimtex also manufactures Trolleys for Flyer Bobbin movement and trolleys to transport all kinds of cone during steaming and humidifying.
All in all, the best way to stay organised is to opt for Rimtex Multi Functional Trolleys for material handling functions.