SPECIalised sliver

HDPE Perforated Can

Cans for transportation of Dyed Grey and
Dyed Sliver

Customised sizes available

Bump Press Cans

Developed specially for Bump Press Machines
Used in world popular wool mills

Size: Dia 400 to 1000mm with wooden top plate

Size: 1000 mm x 60” and 24” x 60” height.
Special Bottom Plate Stopper Pin, with &
without spring plate

Rimtex Specialised Cans
Rope Dyeing & Fabric Dyeing

  • Large HDPE seamless cylindrical body with MS hollow
    pipe outside for work & Strength
  • Mounted on 8 inch (200mm) Heavy Duty Castor
  • RIMTEX has developed Customized Cans for Fabric Dyeing
  • Used by popular denim brands globally
Standard Recta Can