A Remarkable new step in Sliver Can Technology


More life

Exceptional Value for Spinners


Specially Developed

Interlock Layer Technology

Provides enhanced anti static property

Anti Scratch Technology

Prevents Sliver Migration

Meld Layer Combination Technology

Provides Greater Durability. Strength and Increases

Twin Layer Technology

New Generation HDPE sheet which
Increases life of the spinning can by 25%

DUO Enhances

  • Speed
  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Spinners Profit
  • Yarn Realisation


The Rationale behind
The technology of DUO

DUO comes with the most advanced HDPE
sheet technology for spinning cans

RIMTEX, as always has taken the next step to provide Spinners with new age sliver handling system that Matches with the demands of new generation of Spinning machines. With DUO it takes a remarkable New step in Sliver Can Technology. The DUO can is Designed to specifically meet the new standards of Pace that are prevailing in the spinning industry today.

Ideal For

Sensitive Sliver Handling

New Age High Speed Spinning

Spinning Cans with Larger Sliver Package

Sliver Handling UCC