Components & finishing

With the capability to manufacture & finish all components in-house, Rimtex ensures retention of maximum sliver properties produced by respective machine.


Seamless cylindrical body made from virgin quality high density polyethylene (antistatic)
sheets. Smooth finish prevents sliver damage by rubbing. The virgin quality HDPE sheet material
ensures cylindrical integrity.


Typical Rimtex Can. Translucent cylinder which indicates the sliver level when in use. It is
provided with a kicking band for extra protection. (Kicking bands are optional, it is not
included in standard model.)

Anti-rust treated Springs made from high carbon special spring steel on automatic machines for perfect diameters of coils to nest within themselves, thus providing additional capacity when Can is full.


Springs specially heat treated and calibrated for required sliver weight and for keeping the
top-plate at the horizontal position throughout working process. (Also available black
phosphate finish).


GI scissors action electro-welded Pantographs (with Moulded Top Plates up to 600 mm dia and above 600 mm Gl metal Top Plates)


Springs ensure uniform movement and ‘zero’ tilting of Top Plate.


Stainless steel (also in chrome plated and GI) Top Rims and Top Bands with smooth finish, firmly
hold the cylinder and prevents it from loosing shape.


GI Bottom Plates and Rims made on heavy duty press give greater support to the can.

Moulded polypropylene Spring Bottoms hold the spring firmly and does not damage can while inserting or removing. PVC coated Wire Strings with height adjustment hook does not rust and jumble up causing inconvenience.
Moulded ABS (also PP) Top-plates with Anti-sliperry surface gives perfect base and grip to sliver without rupturing fibers. It also helps in achieving higher level speed of sliver. Top-plates are with three point pretension at a distance of 120°.
Sliver Handling Sliver can Body Colour Chart