Apparel & Sourcing show 2023

Start Date : 09/05/2023
End Date : 11/05/2023
Location : Guatemala

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The 30th edition of Central America’s premier trade show for the apparel and textile industry is finally here! This event is a showcase of the industry’s capabilities and strengths, highlighting regional trends and creating new business opportunities with local partners. The CAFTA-DR region is renowned for producing high-quality garments and offering duty-free access to raw materials.

At this year’s show, Rimtex will present their world-leading spinning cans and high-quality material handling systems. Witness the best of our products and technology in action, resulting in the production of high-value yarn. Explore the unique specialties of each of our Spinning Can variety and discover the competitive advantages of producing with Rimtex Sliver Management Systems. Don’t miss out on this exciting event and the opportunity to take your business to the next level!